Stereoscopic 3D Rig with Steadicam

See my previous post on a different 3D rig design, and a discussion of how to postprocess the videos in QuickTime Pro. I decided to build a Steadicam to help reduce jerkiness when recording while walking. I used the design from This steadicam works with any camera with a tripod mount. So to mount two stereoscopic cameras, I found an 8” doorjamb striker plate that had two holes 6.5cm apart and a third hole for mounting on the steadicam.


I covered this with a thin layer of foam rubber, then attached the two cameras with 1/4” X 20 bolts, and attached the plate to the steadicam using a washer and toggle bolt. The cameras need to be slightly rotated to stay coplanar - because the screw holes in the plate are staggered.


So the cameras mounted on the steadicam look like this:



Here is a sample video shot with this rig.

Written on January 3, 2010