Free Calls with Google Voice

If you don’t have a Gizmo5 account, you can still make and receive free calls using a SIP softphone.

  1. Register for a free SIP account with IPTel. This will give you a SIP URI like
  2. Register for a free WA state PSTN phone number with IPKall. This will give you a PSTN phone number like (206) 555-1212.
  3. Configure your IPKall account with your IPTel sip information.
  4. Download a free SIP softphone, e.g. X-Lite and configure it with your IPTel sip information.
  5. Add your WA state PSTN number to your Google Voice account and verify it by answering the call Google Voice makes with your softphone.

Now any time your softphone is running you can use it to answer incoming Google Voice calls, and can place free calls using the Google Voice site.

Written on May 2, 2010